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Jyoti or popularly known as Super Princess Jo, based in Singapore has been in the blogging industry for quite some time now with beauty and fashion being her niche. Being inclined towards fashion and styling since childhood, blogging about it easily caught her attention. After a bit of encouragement from her hubby dearest, she took to blogging full-time and now she can be termed as the master of it. Her efforts, passion and love towards beauty, latest fashion and blogging paid off when she was awarded “Best Beauty Blogger-All over India” in “Beauty and fashion category “.

When asked what makes her stand out from the other bloggers out there, ‘keeping it real and being true to herself, her life and her personality’ was her answer. She further added cherry on the already mighty cake by speaking about her goals and motives. J wants to help women across the globe and wants them to feel beautiful inside out. She wants to encourage them to love themselves and inspire them to be their better selves, stay strong, and feels positive and more stress free. Her husband Mr. Kanwar is the main driving force behind her achievements in this journey. She adds, ‘my husband is my best friend, best critic, and my best support’. She is the absolute example to follow that teaches us how to keep a perfect balance between personal life and career.

Jo certainly loves what she is doing and is proud of her achievements. People recognize her hard work and appreciate the efforts she has put in and that makes her feel empowered. Her main motto behind her success is consistency and hard work which we all know is very much required in the field of writing and blogging. Not giving up and not stopping has helped her get to where she is now. And she graciously gives the same advice to all the young rising bloggers, to stay focused and to keep it original. Apart from blogging, Jo also loves travelling, meeting new people and, arguably the most beloved activity in the world, sleeping. As much passionate she is about her blog, she is also a responsible wife and mother. She enjoys the responsibilities motherhood has got in store for her and being the Super Princess, she seems to be taking it all in her stride without any helping hand!

Well, Super Princess Jo keeps inspiring the world with determination, persistence, and strength. If you all want to read what this Princess-by-name-but-Queen-by-nature writes visit her fashion blog.

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