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Every successful business comes with a very unique and an inspiring story and so is this one. Srishti knew that she had a knack for writing and fashion which took her to the world of blogging. She came across some fashion blogs which were highly visited by a number of people around the globe which was really fascinating for her because she knew that if I do this right then she will be able to change lives of many women around the world. She also mentioned the initial difficulties she faced while learning about the world of blog and how everything is done here.

Srishti doesn’t follow any trends blindly, she creates them which makes her and her blog unique. Following trends on social media websites and writing about them is not that tough, but creating one is a tough nut to crack, in which she specialises. We also asked about what she thinks of the fashion industry of India. She said the fashion industry in India is very underrated and most of the people are not aware of the efforts people in the fashion industry take to make that world glamours. Srishti is an achiever and that is the reason she set her goals higher after every time when she achieves one. She also mentioned about the life of a full-time blogger and by her answer, it seems she is loving every minute of it. Srishti says blogging comes with its own benefits like meeting a ton of new people from the industry you blog about and learn new things every time you do so, but that’s not where it stops. Doing something new everytime pushes you and inspires you to do new things every time and she also mentions that she also benefits a lot both  personally and professionally, whenever she takes a new path.

Being a popular blogger is not a matter of a one-day hard work, but a matter of a quality which comes with immense hard work and continuous perseverance. When it comes to fashion industry style and good photography is the key. Surprisingly this is not the only passion she follows, she is also a wanderer and likes to explore the globe and along with that she is a voracious reader and apart from her genre History & Science also interests her. Life of a successful blogger contains a lot of elements like the support of family and friends and also right people who support you in a right time which was in the case of Srishti. Blogging is a relatively new culture and we asked her about the views regarding the same. She expressed her views in a very positive way, saying that blogging is something which has tremendous potential as internet gives power to each and every individual to create something and show it to the world. There are many blogs in which big brands have shown interest in and that shows the power of blogging.

Srishti also shared one of her experience which happened in London. She mentioned that when she went to London to attend a fashion show, the weather was freezing cold and after that when she entered the venue suddenly the temperature was different due to heaters installed in the arena. Due to a sudden change in temperature, she fell ill, so if someone thinks that blogging is an easy career than that person should think twice before entering this industry. Towards the end we asked her about her role model and her role model is her mother.

She always gets an inspiration from her mother to do better in her field and yes we also agree that if you have a such an inspiring role model in the house than the world is your oyster.

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