Sidra Surmed

SidSirius is a Dubai based lifestyle blogger who we interviewed for our page. She tells us about her wonderful journey as a blogger. She started writing from an early age where she used to write her favorite quotes in her diary. Her actual writing journey began with an internship where later she was appointed as an editor. She registered her website back then and since then there has been no stopping. Her journey has been fantastic, had its ups and downs, but in the end, it’s worth it. Her reason for choosing lifestyle as a theme for her blog is because its everything revolving around her life, be it fashion, beauty, travel, soul and Zen, or even for the Home Remedies. All in all, whatever happens in her life, she writes about it, but fashionably.

Even her team, which is personally connected to her. My Editor in Pakistan is a dear friend, and the contributing writer is her cousin brother. Everything has a very personal touch, because she feel this is how you connect to everyone. She thinks she is an everyday blogger. She writes about every random thought which goes through her mind on daily basis. She is not catering one genre, which gives her a broader horizon. She doesn’t compare herself with other bloggers because each and every one of them is doing a fantastic job and she highly admires their work. Her inspiration behind choosing blogging is her passion for writing. She feels people should know that she blog about everything, not because she doesn’t have a niche, but because she wants to connect to more people. She wishes to be on every talk show, talking about my blog as a future goal.

She loves blogging as a career. She love when people compliment her writing or someone one sends her a picture of wearing a same dress as her’s.  According to her, one thing that can help bloggers gain recognition and reach a larger audience is a fair and equal chance.  Her passion besides blogging is talking, music, travelling. She love life, and everything related to it. Right now she is thriving to create awareness about social problems especially mental illness. She considers her husband, daughter, family, friends, and all of her followers as her true support system. Her hobbies are dancing, music, driving, and she loves to swim too. She tips young bloggers to be themselves. It is the most used statement, but it has a deeper meaning to it. She thinks blogging has a bright future, but bloggers need authentic information to keep themselves on track. Her most cherished memories while blogging is when she meets her fans.

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