Shivali Chauhan

An MBA from Delhi, and a successful blogger -Ms. Shivali Chauhan who is the genuine example of beauty with brains.  Her journey is not less than an exciting ride of a Roller Coaster, from being a photogenic camera lover to establishing her own brand ”classifiedbird”. She has effectively charmed her followers over a short period of time.

Her family didn’t admire her choice of being a blogger initially. She followed her passion and eventually she won their heart and support. She says, she follows her heart and that reflects in her fashion sense and style. Ms. Shivali is still in the molding process ,she adds. She is still learning and look up for sensational bloggers like Santoshi Shetty and Shereen. ‘Thestyleedge’ by Santoshi Shetty, is her favourite blog post.

Blogging is her lifestyle and she is completely enjoying it. Shivali advices the upcoming bloggers to understand the term blogging. To read about it, to grab information as it’s a vast field. She says that one should decide what exactly they wish to do in life and acordingly they should select a particular genre. Hard work and consistency is the key to grab recognition and audience. Recognition does come with a great responsibility, she adds.

When asked her goal in life, she responded to inspire and influence her followers as far as possible. Besides blogging, Shivali enjoys dancing and driving. She is also a good photographer and is fond of taking pictures.

Whilst sharing her memorable moments with us, Shivali mentioned how she was hopelessly happy when she was interviewed by a magazine for the very first time. Seeing her stories in the magazine and entering the print media is surely a goal for growing bloggers. She has a firm opinion that blogging has a great sphere of scope in future and it is unstoppable.

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