Rishabh Mittal

Food is the biggest part of our life and for some of us let’s say it’s the only important thing in our life. Yes, it is too much to digest but, that’s a fact.

We came across a big food enthusiast or nowadays we say “Foodie”. This person is no newbie in the industry of a food critic/blogger and he knows the food in and out and the name is Rishabh Mittal.

Rishabh started blogging a few years back and at that time it was just a hobby for him which he uses to do in his free time but, hey this guy turned his hobby into a full-time profession and he is doing good. The reason he chose this theme is that of his passion for food and travelling but you never know exactly what is hidden behind these curtains of the unknown waters. Anyone entering into a filed which is his/her passion than they have to be ready with a thick skin as there is a fierce competition in the market and you have entered in the field to go on the top, which of course is not a child’s play as there is always a lot of criticism and hatred in the creative fields.

Everyday number of aspiring bloggers try and showcase their talent in the field of blogging and due to that, there is a possibility that the talented one is hidden or they don’t get chance to showcase their talent at large. When we say talent that means a person who is blogging about a particular subject or has a specific theme should have an in and out knowledge of that field because somewhere down the line or after reaching a certain level your skills will be tested. Rishabh has shown on every step that he knows his job properly and also he shows the skills that are required for this subject which is very impressive. Rishabh says that every food blogger has a different mindset but, if you look at the Instagram pictures of some food bloggers than you will find posts which can be said as “Lazy Job” as from those pictures you cannot see any passion and for some bloggers it is just a way to earn free food which is not a quality of a true blogger, well we must say that is an answer full of “Honesty”. Rishabh has shown the types of food on his blog which were nowhere to be found on other food blogs.

According to Rishabh awareness of the food is really important as Indians mostly eat food or are happy with which satisfies them even if that’s not the exact food they were looking for, I.E In India, restaurants often pass Cream cakes as cheesecakes. Regular cakes as Pavlovas and Imitations as the real thing.

Rishabh stated that in the early day’s people use to treat him like a person with limited but, now his each and review and feedback is taken by the restaurants. Content is a king, says Rishabh and no matter whether it’s a new blogger or an experiences one he/she has to produce a very high-quality content which will pull the crowd towards those blogs.

Apart from blogging he’s an avid reader and a interested swimmer but, the most interesting hobby we like about him is playing video games, now come on let’s admit somewhere at our bottom of our heart we like video games and find it most relaxing than other activities. Mr Mittal is his own support system as he had no one to support at the starting stage of his blogging career and now he has gain that level and respect he is very proud of himself, which he should be and so are we Rishabh.


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