Radhika Agarwal (TheFoodieDevi)

Radhika Agarwal also known as TheFoodieDevi who is a truly passionate food blogger based in Jaipur and has been in the blogging industry for quite some time now. Her love for trying different dishes and cuisines started growing since childhood as her Mother was always a great cook and has been providing her with a vast variety of dishes.

What makes Radhika stand out from most of the bloggers is that her reviews are always Honest and Genuine as she feels responsible for what information she is passing on to her followers.

Two years ago, Radhika’s love for food and trying various tastes made her start visiting all the new cafes in Jaipur and realized that there is no food blogging culture in Jaipur as compared to Delhi and Mumbai so she thought of bringing the culture to Jaipur as well, this made her start her Instagram blog, TheFoodieDevi.

As per Radhika, Food is the cure to everything, and she took this phrase to the heart, “Do what you Love and Love what you do” and being a big time Foodie and her love for trying new different dishes and cuisines, made her become a full time blogger.

Radhika being a full time blogger wishes that her blog will inspire and motivate more people to come into the field of blogging, as she believes that anyone can become a blogger, but only a blogger with different and fresh content will be successful. Here is a tip to all the upcoming young bloggers from Radhika, ‘Experimenting and regularly posting Good Content would help in gaining more and more recognition’.

Radhika certainly loves what she is doing and blogging has left positive impact on her life. She loves when people recognize her whenever she visits places while on food discovery. She always received encouragement from her friends and family as well as from her followers. She considers them as her support system. Apart from blogging Radhika also loves Dancing and Swimming. Radhika’s favorite blogger is @bruissedpassports, they inspire her to travel.

While sharing her memorable moments with us, she mentioned how she was nominated in the “Best Restaurant Review” category in Indian Food Bloggers Award 2017-18.

We wish her all the luck and success and we look forward to know more about epic food destinations. Radhika won the award “Best Food Blogger” hosted by Jaipur Mag in July 2018.

To find out more about Radhika follow her on:

Instagram : www.instagram.com/thefoodiedevi
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