Neha Desai

Blogging is one of the fastest growing industry in the world of internet and we spoke to one of the star of that industry, Neha Desai. Neha is a very talented and versatile person. She possesses many skills which one can only think of or maybe take a huge amount of time while achieving those, but that’s not the case with Neha. Blogging is one of the many talents she possesses. To name a few she is a TV actress, blogger, fashionista and a person with good know-how of the world of looking good.

She started blogging at the end of 2015, she got this idea after her writer friend told her about the same. After doing the same research she was able to figure the blogging game which piqued her interest. Blogging is somewhat like a tree because you cannot expect your blog to grow in a day or two unless and until your best friend is Harry Potter. Everyone expects to earn money from their blog, like obviously. She got hardly any traction for a year and a half also her total earning was less than 10k. One of her friend who is also from the entertainment industry gave her an idea of uploading videos on YouTube apart from writing on her blog, well let’s face it nowadays there are people who like to watch than read, so she went for it and yes it was a good decision. This got her page and other social media accounts a good amount of traffic and brands started noticing her work.

Neha mentioned her USP is making awesome videos and yes we agree with her as we saw those and yes it was difficult to take our eyes off her. Ahmmm!!

We thought after knowing all this, it must be all, but no!. This talented woman has more in her bag which made us think how good she must be with her time management. Ms Desai also helps her parents in her family business, so now she’s also a businesswoman.

Neha thinks blogging has already got and will get a lot of attention, so we can also call it as personal journalism. Her favorite blogger is Teni Panosian and her role model is our very own Priyanka Chopra, we love her too. She also explained the way she works and she’s the girl with a plan, not one but also a backup one if first fails, seems a good lesson for us. Last but not least we asked her regarding memorable moments to which she said, she likes to attend events as they are a good exposure and a good place to meet other talents.

To wrap this we would say it was a pleasure knowing this talented woman. All the best Neha.


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