Mónica Moreira

Change is a biggest and a constant part of life, but whether it comes by itself or you make yourself is the point. Making change yourself is much better than situation forcing you to do so.

Changes are made to be better or develop and transform yourself into something new. People in the 21st century choose and make decisions which are not common as this era is known for living life with full of adventures and enthusiasm that is the reason Monica decided to make travel her passion and profession. She is an expert storyteller and she tells her travel tales via Instagram which is the top photo sharing app. She has nearly a hundred and fifty thousand followers on Instagram which are obviously a lot!. Her posts are very eye catchy and engaging at the same time.

We asked her about her journey which is leading as a blogger. She said she always wanted to be a blogger but never had time to do so. You can say unfortunately or fortunately, she broke her finger and after that, she was not able to work and in that free time, she realised instead of feeling sad at the situation she should get up and follow her lifelong dream. Well, we don’t want to sound snobby but if you look in a positive way then her injury was a fortunate and a life-changing event for us. She always loved to travel to different places and learn about them furthermore also experience an essence of that place. Whenever she used to travel her friends use to ask her about the experience she had also asked for tips for travelling which intrigued her a lot. She thought and realised that there are many people like her friends who don’t know much about travelling but wish to do so. Travelling is not easy as it sounds, it needs a lot of research about the place you are visiting and also need to take care of a lot of small things which most of the people are not aware of and they matter.

Everyone has their own uniqueness, she says. Well isn’t she humble? Oh yes!. She considers herself as a normal person and not some celebrity. She wants to be an inspiration for people who think dreams can be achieved only if you are a perfectionist. One of the main reason she started blogging is that she wanted everyone to know that even normal person can dream something different and achieve and make a difference in the life of people who have dreams but don’t have the courage to pursue the same. She also added that after some time she also wants to be a well-known person in the world of blogging.

Monica says she feels really good when people see her and recognize, but surely after the recognition life revolves more in the world of social media than the real one. We also asked her regarding the future of the blogging and she said people do come up with new ideas, but currently, she feels everyone is going with the flow. Monica has studied Archeology, well! Isn’t that amazing that even after being from a totally different field she is totally nailing the blogging business and yes this is really something to think.

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