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There is a time when we all need to be independent and face the real world, rather not only face it but make a mark on it. Sounds ambitious and scary at the same time, doesn’t it? Every person is on their own after a certain age, but here we have a special one who started her career at the age of 11, I mean how awesome it that. Luisa is a food blogger and its been years she has been doing this, so yes she’s an expert. She also has a you tube channel.

Before going into food blogging she started a makeup blog, but later when she saw people posting all the delicious food they were eating on the internet, that was a piffny for her and that was the time when she found her passion.

Luisa is a very ambitious girl and that shows with her style of blogging. She started this blog as she has a dream to change the world by her way of thinking, also she wants to create a healthy world via her delicious recipes. It’s totally understandable that eating is a daily part of and one of the most important aspects of our life, but at the same time what we eat and how and what we react on the same is very important as eating directly affects your body & soul, says Lucia.

Every blogger has a goal in their mind and so does Luisa. She wants to create an actual impact not only on humans but also on animals by giving back to the society from her success. If you ask us if every 19 years old start thinking in the same way than in no time we would be staying on a different planet. We asked her about her view of blogging and the answer we got was an unexpected one, the reason we say unexpected because success at this age tends to blow the mind, but hey! As we said we have got a special one here. Lucia doesn’t believe in number s and she loves what she does and urges everyone to do so. As per her views if you only start blogging with the mindset of getting a high number and being famous than road will be even difficult more than it seems. Only passion and patience will get you through this tough journey and give you fruitful results.Every successful person has a support system and her’s is her boyfriend and her family. Apart from that, she seems to be an extrovert based on her travel blogs we can clearly see that sitting at one place is not her cup of tea. Her hobbies include Dancing, singing, drawing, taking pictures, editing videos, laughing, sitting in stillness.

We asked about her memorable moment and she told she celebrated like a celebrity when she got her first 30 followers and now she has more than 300k thousand, hmmm we wonder what wonderful celebrations she must be having.

If you are looking for a young, dashing, well known, blogger than her account is the go-to place for you. Follow her on:
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