Jeanette Mesquita: The Fashion Syndrome

Sometimes having a syndrome is not so bad! Hard to believe, right? Well, Jeanette Mesquita from Bangalore is the perfect example for the same. Always fascinated with Fashion, Jeanette wanted to share her personal style with the world. Every star needs that one inspiration to rise. So did Jeanette! As an aspiring fashion enthusiast, she stumbled upon the blog, ‘The Style Edge’ by SantoshiShetty, and that was her vantage point. That’s how it all began! Jeanette finally began blogging two years ago. Her biggest challenge was to find a photographer. Being a social media influencer, it’s necessary to post high quality images to draw the audience to her page. However, for beginners it’s a tough job to find an experienced photographer. But when you are determined, all hurdles seem little. Also, Jeanette got lucky! One of her batch mates turned out to be passionate about photography and was looking for a subject. So luckily, they both teamed up.

The next challenge for Jeanette was to think of a unique name for her blog. Fashion being one of the major verticals in the digital world, coming up with an original name is quite a challenge for any newcomer. It took Jeanette 2 months to finalize the name, “The Fashion Syndrome”. Jeanette Mesquita sets apart her work from others by experimenting with new styles and themes that are out of her comfort zone. According to her, every audience comes with different taste and preference and its okay for them to not like all her ideas. But if they find something they like they instantly hit the like button. This is what keeps her going and inspires her to create something new each day.Jeanette is currently pursuing a BBA LLB degree from School of Law, Christ (Deemed to be University) from Bangalore. She intends on pursuing blogging and influencer marketing after her graduation full time. The Fashion Syndrome witnessed tremendous success over the past year –her biggest motivation to keep going and taking up blogging as her primary profession. The amount of flexibility that digital blogging offers is another advantage for Jeanette. Just like a true creative professional she says, “The flexibility to be creative is the best thing about this career and hence I want to take it”. According to Jeanette, taking up her passion as a career choice is a dream come true. The constant love and support from her audience has kept her persistent with her blogging journey. According to her, the biggest factor that drives more traffic on a website or page is more and more collaborations, be it photographers, brands or other bloggers. On asking about her goals with The Fashion Syndrome, Jeanette hopes to reach among the top bloggers of the world. She feels that this industry of bloggers and influencers has a lot of scope if one aims for the right opportunities.

Although, for Jeanette, the journey is all that matters and she is enjoying the challenges and experimenting with new things while creating unique content for her audience. Just to sum up, my two reasons for choosing this industry are, firstly my passion towards fashion, which would be like a dream career and secondly the flexibility that this work offers. We can choose our work timings, our style of content and even our clients. The flexibility to be creative is the best thing about this career and hence I want to take it . Apart from blogging, Jeanette is really passionate about learning foreign languages. She has been learning French from the past 7 years. She also wishes to learn Spanish and a few other languages as well.

When she takes a break from blogging and learning, she also enjoys reading, listening to music and shopping. For Jeanette, without the support of her family and friends’, she couldn’t reach where she is today. Because of their belief, she worked hard and gained recognition that also takes her down the memory lane of her most cherished moment. It was the day when she met one of her followers for the very first time and realized the power of hard work and social media. To her, interacting with her followers and getting their feedback in person is an overwhelming experience. Jeanette strongly admires Selena Gomez and finds her story inspirational. Selena managed to do justice to her work and became one of the most followed persons on social media. She fought death and then came back with a bang!”, says Jeanette, “Despite her health obstacles she managed to do justice to her work and became the most followed person on Social Media”. This beautiful and unique Fashionista strongly follows one mantra – “Be unique and creative! If you stay original you’re bound to be successful. Also, never doubt yourself because if you have faith in your dreams then you’re unstoppable.”

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