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Traveling is one of the best stress busters of our generation. We live in an insanely high competitive world which creates a major impact on our mind which is not always good for the health, so people opt for various stress busters and traveling is considered one of the best stress busters of our generation. Due to an increasing number of facilities traveling has become very easy compared to a decade ago. People prefer various means available at a reasonable rate at their disposal. Well, this is only about people who prefer traveling as a part-time stress buster, but there are people who have made traveling their profession and with the help of the internet age they are able to reach and entertain a ton of people at the same time. We got in touch with very interesting and adorable couple Nick & Hannah who are full-time travelers and globe is their home.


Nick & Hannah have traveled through Asia, Europe, Africa and also Middle East. After traveling through so many countries they have experienced a number of stunning episodes. They started a travel blog as they wanted to share the detailed information which was not available on the internet. Whenever you travel to an unknown place it’s always better to do a research about the pros and cons of the place, but there is a possibility that the information available is not the complete one and this couple realized the same, so they decided to help people who like traveling by putting more unknown and honest information about the places which generally people prefer to travel. Nick & Hannah love photography and they are really good at it which is a cherry on the cake because photography is an art of storytelling without any words which are loved by many but vanquished by only a few.


We asked them what makes them unique in this field and they said “Simple travel guides with great photography”. Well, we also believe having a simple is better than having a blog with super fancy words with not so relevant information. They are very target focused on the blog. When we asked what kind and how much awareness is required to get people to read your blog. They had a very simple answer, we have targeted readers who are looking for information and we provide the same in a simple and elegant manner. Getting people to read your blog is not that simple, it takes a lot of effort and time to write and something which is enlightening and entertaining at the same time. They said it took more than a year to get a good amount of traffic on their blog, but the wait was worth as having a loyal audience is highly motivating for any artist. Blogging is not only the form of media through use to tell about their experience. As mentioned earlier they are very good with the storytelling with their mastery in photography. They also maintain an Instagram and a YouTube account, but Pinterest is the place where they feel comfortable to reach a larger and their kind of audience.


We wish this stupendous couple all the best in their future adventures and also wish we can do what they do, someday.
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