Half This World Away! ( Megan & David )

Travelling is one of the most fascinating things to do and many might say yes! but this was not the case until a few years back as people use to see travelling as a very expensive habit and time-consuming, but now times have changed drastically and so is thinking of many. We live in a very competitive world which challenges us every second of our day, but that’s not even the complete scenario. A very adorable Scottish couple Megan and David who is a full-time food and travel bloggers have been together for over 10 years, lived in 4 different countries and travelled through over 40 countries together, with no intention of slowing down. We got in touch with them to know their awesome stories which they have experienced while travelling every time to a new place or country. They started blogging 2.5 years ago and because of their continuous travel, they experienced a lot about different places and cultures. Their friends always asked them about the experience they had and also travel tips and reviews about the places they have visited which intrigued an idea of sharing their experiences and tips of travelling on the internet so not only their friends but also people from all over the world who love or have a hobby of travelling.

Their blog is mostly based on luxury travel. They also mentioned that they have done budget travelling, but when people grow older they prefer adventure with comfort. Every successful blog has its own USP and theirs is a couple travelling. There are a lot of couples who are bitten by a travel bug, but unfortunately, their bug doesn’t give them knowledge of how to do it in an efficient and affordable manner. Megan and David are the perfect answer for such people. We see there are a number of apps which shows you thousands of hotels which shows us various schemes of saving money while travelling and so does these both, but they also share the actual experience on a personalized level, so they connect to their audience in a meaningful way. We also asked them about their goal and the answer seems pretty interesting. They said being your own boss is the best thing that can happen to you in your professional life as you learn a lot from both good and bad experiences also it gives you that space and freedom which is hard to get in a regular corporate culture. They also added that they want to encourage people to travel no matter how long the distance or number of days they are travelling. Maintaining your current audience is not an easy task as people tend to get bored easily if they don’t have any fresh or interesting content to read. Blogging is no doubt a rewarding career, but at times it can be uncomfortable as there are a lot of aspects of the lives which are very personal still you need to share, because audience only connects to people who show their real side not only the glamours one. We have been hearing a new term which is revolving in the younger generation that is “Social Detoxification”. This simply means creating a distance between you and social media. At times it is necessary because you tend to lose a personal space which is a very important part of everyone’s life. Personal time gives you energy, new ideas and also chance to think about exactly what is going on in our lives and if we are actually on the right path without compromising our principles. David and Megan also shared the same views which many successful bloggers like them have shared over time, which is continuous hard work and dedication is required to achieve your goal. Reaching and building an audience is not a joke for anyone as people only respond to things which are interesting, innovative, attractive, pleasant, informative and mind soothing at the same time and creating all such elements takes behemoth amount of time and thinking. In the media business building, a loyal audience is as tough as building a “Burj Khalifa”.

Megan and David mentioned the best thing while travelling is having a local cuisine and if you are a foodie like these two then life is a fairy tale for your tongue. They not only taste those mouthwatering food but also make them at home. Wow! Lucky them.

Travelling is not the only hobby these two travel mongers have, they also love swimming and hiking as well and that means work plus fitness together. Well, they definitely know how to shoot two birds with a single bullet. The successful profession as a result of various elements which creates the best support system named as family and friends. If you have good support of these then nothing is going to stop you from achieving your goals. Most of us have to go to the same place every day for 9 hours or more at the place called the office, but these two have made the entire globe their office.

Yes! We are jealous.

To know more about David & Megan follow them:

Website: https://www.halfthisworldaway.com/hello-again/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/halfthisworldaway/?hl=en

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