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With the blogging market already getting saturated, it was a challenge for budding bloggers and writers to start fresh. Zabeen and Zahara are one of those few names who dared to begin their blogging journey late and find a distinguished spot, the Globetrotting Foodies, within that niche. When you travel, you encounter the most unexpected. Something similar happened with the Globetrotting Foodies squad.

Zabeen the co-owner of the blog is a corporate lawyer and Zahra is a journalist and writer. During a family trip, Zabeen and Zahararealized how helpful blogging can be for other fellow travelers like them. Be it food, famous spots, commute, stay time and more, they can answer all such million queries throughone platform. So the Globetrotting Foodies became a one stop shop to all food and travel enthusiasts.

What started with a simple WordPress site is now and the rest is history. Being a journalist and having worked in the media for over 5 years, Zahara was already doing interesting things like attending events, reviewing restaurants etc. But then even during leisure days and long weekends, she was secretly planning holidays and deciding on checking out on all the new eateries in town. Starting a blog was always something she wished for but the erratic work hours always stalled her.

However, Zabeen joined Zahara to turn her dream into reality. Then sky was the limit! They both started their journey and the kind of encouragement and feedback from friends and family they were getting was enough to keep them going. It was a challenging time for them to start their blog. A lot of established bloggers were covering areas like product reviews to food reviews, outfit of the day posts, fashion tips and more. To keep their authenticity credible ZabeenaandZaharadecided to stick to onlyfood and travel.However, work was still a hurdle for them. But they believe this is their calling and it comes naturally to them. Updating the blog, writing about their experiences, doing social media posts and all in all creating interesting content that inevitably urged the audience to like their blog. Their motivation and hard work got them 25,600 followers on Instagram, 2500 on Facebook and 2300 people on the blog, Globetrotting Foodies, within 2 years.

For ZabeenaandZahara, food and travel is an innate desire which is why it comes so naturally to them. Their mother is an excellent cook who loves to experiment in the kitchen and their father is a commendable travel planner. The reason blogging about travel and food is a little easier for them is because travelling and exploring new eateries don’t feel like work. Writing about it is usually a task but their hard work takes them a long way.

The Globetrotting Foodies squad is very indisputable in their recommendations because of their honest love and passion towards what they do. With or without blogging, travel and food are something they can never let go of. Hence they tend to stick to this theme because they know for sure that they are best at doing that.

Unlike most successful bloggers, ZabeenaandZahara had always been quite high in the adventure department. With so many memories, they planned to create a digital diary where they can share their personal experiences and share this gift with the world.

Their hard work and passion has led them to many unforgettable moments. ZabeenaandZahararemember one such cherished moment when they took their mother to Hotel Sahara Star for a mother’s day lunch. The remarkable hospitality brought tears of joy in her mother’s eyes. Seeing her so happy and proud made that moment one of the most treasured ones for them.

According to ZabeenaandZahara, food and travel space in Mumbai is brimming with bloggers and a rather good bunch of them doing such amazing stuff. What the field does need is more method so that more brands can connect with bloggers for better content creation. As bloggers, they wish to create more travel stories that are referred by renowned magazines like Lonely Planet and Conde Nast Traveler. What started as a hobby has started gaining recognition. Though ZabeenaandZaharado not earn good money out of this part-time job, meeting followers and getting appreciations motivates them to keep going without any remuneration. Just like every successful blogger, even the Globetrotting Foodies sisters believe that a good content can turn any small blogger reach a larger scale. In their words, “If your content is Kick-ass and your giving enough information to your audience they ought to be loyal to you”.

Besides blogging, ZabeenaandZaharalike to read and watch shows. These beautiful content creators admire and take inspiration from ShivyaNath’s The Shooting Star and Mumbai Foodie.

On asking about their view on the future of blogging, Z and Z believe that there is a big market out there and bloggers are surely taking over the marketing space in a massive way. In future, blogging is only going to grow more with more and more brands investing in.

Their advice to budding bloggers – “Keep doing what you are doing and rewards and recognitions will come by”.

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