Elwa Saleh

Elwa always had flair for hair, makeup and fashion and used her Instagram as a portfolio to showcase her talent. One day she came across saw a beauty guru named “Huda Beauty”. She saw a video which based on hair styling and she was amazed by the awesome style done in a very simple way. She was motivated to share a video on her page. She decided to create a 15 seconds tutorial of her everyday hair bun and she featured herself on her page. She was so happy to see the feedback she got from people and how it helped them that she decided to post hair videos once a week as a hobby. After a year, her page grew to something she took full time. She loves every second of it. She has always been passionate about the beauty industry. She had worked as a hairdresser for 5 years and loved connecting with people and helping them meet and achieve their beauty needs. At the end of her hairdressing career, she was ready to transfer out to college decided to pursue her education.

During her college years, she felt like she was missing something, and was unable to connect with people and stay intact with her passions- which were makeup, beauty and fashion. Later She realized that social media is the best way for her to stay in touch with her passions and connect with people. Although there are many fashion and beauty bloggers out there, no blogger is the same. Everyone has something unique to offer and that is their personal touch. She believed that she is unique in her own way. Her driving force is her passion for the beauty industry. Her inspiration was Huda beauty. She started in 2015, and whenever she would post hair videos Huda beauty would like and comment on her work. That alone inspired her and motivated her a lot. The fact that she also has a similar background, gave her the strength to do something with her passion. Huda beauty isn’t the full reason why she started. She is a catalyst for why, but the real reason was the fact she could connect with so many people. For her, her hobbies and career needed a people component to it. Knowing she has brighten someone’s day through a post means so much to her. They also have been there for her when she was down. They got through tough times and she knows she can depend on them and they know they can depend on her. She feels like that people have enough awareness of the beauty industry. She feels what requires more awareness within the beauty industry is that no matter what background you come from, you are beautiful the way you are! You don’t need to fit a particular mould to be beautiful. Being your own kind of beautiful is a true beauty. She wishes to continue to grow and connect more and more with people. She wants people to look up to her and find strength just as she does with Huda Beauty. As of now, I wish to be known and seen as an expert in her industry. She feels a big responsibility in the type of content she puts out there. There are girls that are young that follow and see her as some kind of a role model. Knowing, this, makes her more aware of the type of messages she is putting out there and leads her to ask these questions: Am I leading by example in my everyday life(even when she is not putting it on social media). If she is posting something, is it doing the mass good or bad? Is she being genuine and honest with them? And so on.

Put it in the work and drive passion! Don’t think about what others will think of you. Try and try again and don’t give up. Talk is easy but the execution is difficult. It’s not impossible though. Envision the goal and go after it. Make sure you surround yourself with people who have similar goals. She loves the outdoors! Hiking, playing beach volleyball and dancing on her own! It makes her feel like she is a kid again. Her biggest support system is her family. They are her roots and her driving force in this world. Whenever she feels lost and confused, she seeks them and the foundation they have built together. Her hobbies are hiking, exploring restaurants and travelling. She suggests starting blogging without thinking what others will think of you, for young bloggers. Also, don’t look back and move forward always! She thinks influencer marketing is a hot marketing strategy and it’s going to continue to grow. More and more people are trusting influencers than big brands. The reason why she says this is because influencers aren’t necessarily trying to achieve a bottom line like most big brands. Being an influencer means you are credible in your field and with credibility means you have achieved some kind of trust from the mass. Today’s consumer thinks twice about buying a product- they seek out reviews and influencer recommendations. With that said, she believes the power of an influencer is going to continue to grow and become more of a serious and professional position in our world. She loves short stories and skirts. This lady is so inspirational. She loves how she embodies her femininity and how hard she works on her content. She also gives her good energy! Her most memorable moment was when she hit 200k! She said she still can’t believe it!


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