Armina Mevlani

Armina Mevlani is one of the most gorgeous women in the world. She was born in Tirana, Albania the country which is based in Southeastern Europe. She plays various roles in her life such as a fashion model and a host of some very popular TV shows. She also represented Albania in Miss World which of course is a big deal and not only that she has also served as a creative director for a magazine for almost three years. While she was working as a creative director in a magazine she wrote many articles on fashion which was inspiring for a girl of every age. Her articles about the fashion were not shenanigans, but an honest knowledge of an inside world of fashion which everyone can use to improve their personality and fashion sense in day to day life. Armina was ambitious since her childhood and the credit goes to her mother. When we asked her who your role model while growing was, she said it’s her mother, because her mother was always optimistic and positive and of course ambitious women and she worked hard until and unless she achieves her and that what inspired Armina. We always believe that children are the shadow of their parents and their parents’ principals and lifestyle affects children a lot, which we can see in Armina. Now when we are talking to such a successful fashionista it was obvious we won’t stop on a single question. She also gave few brilliant tips for aspiring bloggers which are: Make sure you always be yourself and not try to be someone else. If some else is successful that means he or she has some talent, but it is not necessary that you possess the same talent. You need to find what you have got and how much you have got and how you can cash that talent in an honorable way. Miss Mevlani also said that it is necessary to get inspired by others as that is an important part of self-realization which helps you to know that Yes! This is my forte and I can make this world a better place by doing this for the rest of my life. She also mentioned her favorite bloggers which are Olivia Palermo and Negin Mirsalehi. Armina also shared her good and bad experiences about her time when she walked on the ramp for some world-class brands. In VERSACE show her hill got stuck in electric stairs and it stopped the stairs which were very embarrassing for her, but she came out of that bad phase very quickly and now when she remembers that she laughs about that which is a very good quality we must say, because if you can laugh at yourself or your mistakes then you will never learn anything new and will be difficult to move on in life.

Miss Mevlani has also collaborated with Dolce and Gabbana, the brand which needs no introduction. Armina is not only a model, she is also a blogger and she has her own website named as “Rebel Heart”. Now you would think why such a name, well the name reflects her. She mentioned she was a rebel teenager and always fought for what is right and was against the unethical. Let us also tell you she always wanted to get a tattoo, but her parents said she cannot, now isn’t she a complete package? She is beautiful; she’s an excellent blogger and famous fashionista on top of that a daughter who listens to her parents.

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