Apoorva Sharma

Future is never certain. Once a pursuing graphic designer, Apoorva Sharma got an audition for a trial shoot for a brand and luckily got selected as their face. Rest is history for the eminentaudacious_apoorva. Apporva has collaborated with nearly 160 brands including Shein, Romwe, Zaful, Daniel Wellington and some Mumbai & Delhi based brands.

Blogging since her 1styear of college, this young entrepreneur had always been drawn towards fashion blogging since the beginning. Even after being aware of the strong competition in the fashion blogging world, Apoorva chose fashion to bring forward the unique style statement in her city, Jaipur where the blogging world needs more awareness. Her motivation behind fashion blogging is bringing content to people that will inspire them to look more presentable in the society.  Besides fashion, Apoorva also showcases makeup, food and lifestyle in her blogs.

Apoorva strongly believes that colour, height, shape or size does not matter when it comes to fashion blogging. The only thing that matters is authenticity and originality. Her advice for the budding bloggers out there is that they should focus more on creativity and stay active on their social media handles.  To seem more approachable to brands, it’s important to attend conferences and seminars. “It’s a competitive world and one must be open to try out new skills and get out of their comfort zone if they have to succeed”, says Apoorva.

Apoorva believes that her friends and family play a very important role in her success. According to her, after becoming a blogger not much has changed in her life. Her journey as a student does not end as she is still learning with the evolving digital world. The most delightful moment for her after being famous was meeting 2 fans at the Jaipur Literature Festival who came to her for selfies. Another memorable moment in her life was when she was invited at a college as a guest speaker to share her knowledge about blogging and its field of scope.

Besides being a fashion blogger Apoorva is a graphic designing and photography student at Rajasthan School of Arts. She looks up to the famous Indian fashion blogger, KritikaKhurana (@thatbohogirl) and international blogger Caroline Daur. In her leisure time she likes to travel and explore new places with friends and family, listen to music, and play badminton. In the future, Apoorva wishes to become a known personality not just in Jaipur but worldwide like other verified bloggers.


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